This is also creating new business and investment opportunities for those who are able to act now.

While retail sales of liquor have spiked amid the Covid19 crisis, distilleries and their suppliers are severely impacted.

It’s estimated that up to 40% of smaller distilleries in the US will not survive, which creates an urgency for all brands to embrace digital activations, as we are leading with the launch of Joe Louis Bourbon.

See The Proof: Joe Louis Brand Dominates Competition

We all know that sales are what matter, but we also know that to introduce a new brand–especially in the crowded bourbon category–requires a critical volume of consumer engagement.

Victory Spirits Development is sharing third-party proprietary tracking reports as evidence that people are talking, responding and this brand has legs. (just like Joe).

A network of experienced sales, product, finance and operations professionals.

Combined with industry leading Innovation in Brand Development and Digital Marketing

How We Lead Brands to Victory

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We empower brands with access to industry experience, innovative marketing services, exclusive ad tech and digital activations to measure results to ensure sustainable growth and profitability.

Investing in Bourbon

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Fund 3 is pending

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Joe Louis Dominates Competitors

People are talking about Joe Louis Bourbon across all major social channels.  These tracking reports compare mentions, comments, shares across a competitive set.   More than Buffalo Trace, More than Four Roses, More than Rebel Yell, More than Few and More than...

The new Victory Spirits formed the IN THE SPIRIT OF DIVERSITY Advisory Board to provide client brands with ongoing access to a variety of educated outside perspectives. This initiative evolved out of our work with @joelouisbourbon which is launching their product this...

Accounting for Profitability

Financial Management is the Key to Profitability. For new and emerging brands we now offer outsourced CFO and back office accounting services.

Comeback Story

Everyone loves a great comeback story. This is one we’re helping to make happen.

From Mash to Market

Helping new distillers accelerate profitability. This is a unique wholesale bulk barreled spirits program offered exclusively to accelerate success for new distilleries and others who seek to monetize the increasing market value of barrel-aged spirits, like Bourbon.

Intelligent Mobile Marketing

This may be the most significant marketing innovation of late and one that should forever change how you plan and execute brand activations. It’s big data driven, precision mobile marketing that will fit into your budget.

Dawn of a New Day.

Most brands today covet exposure on social media and on reality TV. But sometimes, the brand story can "go South." That's literally what happened to one premium bourbon brand. That's where Victory Spirits comes in.   A few days ago, we began writing the next chapter...

Jazz Distilled

We're developing a program that pairs notable local performers with local distillers, brewers and wineries that builds brand, drives traffic to increase retail sales and creates new opportunities to showcase brands at bars and restaurants with live entertainment. 1) A...

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