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The year 2023 will see continued fallout from higher prices, supply of new fill trying to catch up, but still seriously lagging demand. While month-over-month inflation has eased,  Demand for sourced bulk spirits has continued to increase. Driven by RTD’s, emerging brands and previously dependent suppliers pulling back due to mergers, acquisitions and focus on the value of laying down their own inventory.

Sustainability in production and environmental protections continues to drive innovation and growth, as does the desire for Non GMO corn, as the return to export growth requires.

For more on what 2023 holds, read New Year New Opportunities

How can we help you?

You may be a start up who recently launched a new product and is now ready to expand into new markets and trade channels.
You may be a wholesale buyer with a need for quality bulk spirits at new fill prices, or mature inventory.

Backed by our curated network of trusted distillers, The Victory Spirits Marketplace offers access to high-quality bulk spirits, by the barrel or by the gallon.  

You may be a producer or emerging brand that can capitalize and grow quickly amid a changing competitive landscape.
You may be a brand owner (or acquirer) seeking guidance to help turn-around a distressed brand(s) to reposition and re-ignite.
You may be an established supplier, with fewer accounts who needs to pivot to capture new revenue in new markets.
You may be an investor looking for market alternatives with higher IROI.

Consider The Bourbon Bond Investment program that finances new fill bulk barreled bourbon and own the profits when it is sold to brands as mature product to be bottled.

Or you may simply benefit from an outside perspective to take a fresh look at your spirits related business for increased sales, distribution, direct to consumer pull.

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The Barrel Factor

It's no secret that the cost of new fill Bourbon today is nearly double what it was four years ago. While the costs of grains, transportation, and utilities are still higher than they were back then, they have stabilized and are even slightly down.  The single great...

New Year. New Opportunities

Bourbon Remains a HOT Commodity in 2023     This is the year we have been waiting for... Additional distillation capacity in Kentucky, Tennesee, begins to come online, with demand continuing to exceed available supply. For wholesale buyers with brands in the...

The Bourbon “Bull” Market is Here

Mature Bourbon and American Whiskeys have recently rocketed in value. Barrels 4 Years and older are now selling for rates that are 12-25% higher than seen previously. In some cases, this translates to a month-over-month appreciation of up to $70 per barrel (vs $45-50...

Judged The Best: Legends Wheated Bourbon

It's been in development for a decade.  When we first came across this start-up distiller in Georgia, we were impressed by the taste, color and luxurious finish.  How did they achieve this?  With patented technology that enable them to finish traditionally aged...

Protected: KY Bourbon Fund

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Distilled Data and Analytics

It takes more precise data and forecasting models in order to stay strong and ahead of others. Victory Spirits Development has committed to helping to define the path forward in association with a number of leading academic programs across the United States....

Drinks Professionals Networking

PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING 2021   Handshakes may be a thing of the past for a while, but that doesn't mean virtual networking should not be a personal and meaningful experience that establishes relationships, creates mutual success and new opportunities for those...

New Industry Influencer Episodes Monthly

DRINKS TANK was originally announced as a bi-monthly program to begin in January. We have made a change to base the production and release of new episodes on highlights and key takeaways from monthly DRINKS PROFESSIONALS NETWORK industry roundtables that begin in...

Joe Louis Dominates Competitors

Digital Activation is an omnichannel strategy built upon an understanding of the target customer, compelling and actionable content, and interactive and actionable content components that in our play book go beyond the core social video and sharing campaigns, to geo...

In The Spirit of Diversity

The new Victory Spirits formed the IN THE SPIRIT OF DIVERSITY Advisory Board to provide client brands with ongoing access to a variety of educated outside perspectives. This initiative evolved out of our work with @joelouisbourbon which is launching their product this...