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This is the link to the latest list of mature and new fill bulk spirits that are available as of

11/21/21   10:55 PM ET



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Just Released: 4, 3 and 2 YO IN 75/21/4 Bourbons NOTE: 300 Barrels that will be 4 YO in January, are still available at 3 YO price.

IN RYE 95/5 2, 3 and 4 YO in high volumes at pre-pandemic pricing (100’s below current market) Minimum 100 barrel orders.

Nearly 3 YO KY Wheated Bourbon–LAST CHANCE

KY New fill is now available up to 2000 barrels at $875-$900 depending on Mash and volume.

TN Bourbon and Ryes– 1500 barrels new fill allocation for Q1 ’22 fill for purchase or investment with 3 Year hold included.

2,3 and 4 YO IN 95/5 Rye

1 YO KY Bourbon 75/21/4 $1350/pb

3 YO IN American Single Malt $1980/pb



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Now available to reserve:

KY and VA 2-4 Year old Bourbons (Wheated and Rye) that will mature 2022-2024.

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