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This is the link to the latest list of mature, new fill and future releases of bulk spirits as of: 

5/25/2023  10:00am ET

Just Released

Variety of KY 21% Rye Bourbon Mash bills 1.8-4YO


600+ Barrels of 3.5YO BBC Bourbon

choose from:

Wilderness Trail 75-21R-4
Green River 70-21R-9
Jackson Purchase 70c-21R-10
Jackson Purchase 69c/21R/10

4.5 and 6.5 YO 36% Rye IN Bourbon

35% Wheated 4 YO KY Bourbon

3 YO 20% American Malted Bourbon 45 barrels remain available



MGP Light Whiskey 6.5 YO under 3K  

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