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This is the link to the latest list of mature and new fill bulk spirits that are available as of

5/6/2022   6:00 PM ET

Just Listed: 1000’s of maturing KY Bourbons from Green River, Castle & Key, Bardstown Bourbon Co and Wilderness Trail. including highly sought after WHEATED Bourbon, Plus Texas and IN Bourbons.

PRICE BREAK: IN MGP 51/45 Rye +3.5 YO

KY  Bourbon 1-2 YO 75/15/10 just listed for sale, including <1 YO

KY 2 YO High Rye Bourbon  60c/36r/4mb (Kentucky Artisan)  135 barrels remain

Almost 2 YO Wheated Bourbon 64c-24w-12m (Wilderness Trail)  625 barrels remain.

KY 75/21r/4 2 YO (Kentucky Artisan) will be 2 YO in October

TX Bourbon 21% 4 YO just listed

KY, TN, NC, IN New Fill allocations, are now available, but going fast.

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Pre-sales are now open for late 2022 and 2023 releases at locked-in pricing.