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Enabling Genuine Relationships that Grow Business
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Senior-level networking that works

Lead Sharing & Referrals

The development of relationships, making new connections that encourage the exchange of industry knowledge, and sharing actionable business opportunities is more critical within the wine and spirits industries than ever before.

Industry roundtables are open to all registered experience professionals

Curated Mastermind Groups are invitation-only membership gatherings of companies and individuals selected to enable candidate, competitor-free forums for insights, lead-sharing, and referrals. 

Professionally Produced

Lead sharing and professional networking have long been the lifeblood of the commercial real estate industry.  And over the past decade, and more specifically over the past 10 months of virtual meetings, Real Professionals Network (RPN) has proven its value and effectiveness for all who regularly participate in both their national, regional, and local market mastermind groups, roundtables, and virtual gatherings.

For Spirits Industry Professionals

This is next-level networking for producers, wholesalers, suppliers, importers, distributors, sales teams, sales consultants, marketing agencies, and any company,  services, or professionals doing business with them. 

Industry professionals are invited to attend monthly FIRST FRIDAY Zoom roundtables.

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Free to Join. Participation Priceless

Networking Facilitated:

  • Monthly roundtables are structured to stimulate new ideas, sharpen awareness to senior-level intelligence, and improve the influence and reach of members.
  • Follow-up contacts and reminders are provided to participants after each meeting.

Monthly Industry Roundtables are open to all registered industry participants and provide an opportunity to make new connections.

There is no fee to join, all we require is meaningful participation.  These meetings will also be highlighted in episodes of DRINKS TANK, our emerging video series.

New Business Starts Here

Strengthen Relationships, Improve Credibility, Build Trust

Participation is the key to extracting lasting value and recurring opportunities.   Tell us about yourself so we can match you to the right group.


Highlights of Previous Roundtables

See what you are missing if you are not participating!

Thanks to our participants whose experience and input ensure that every session is worthwhile and meaningful.

Upcoming First Friday

Industry Roundtables

Next: Friday, June 7, 2024

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See who else has been participating…

  1. Stephen Gould – Golden Moon Distillery
  2. Attilla Joo – Phoenix Packaging
  3. Sherman Mohr – Shared Spirits Marketing
  4. Lorenzo Alvarado – The Whiskey Store
  5. Keri Kennedy – Enovation Brands
  6. Tony Haber – Qvivo Brands
  7. Tony Abou-Ganim – The Modern Mixologist
  8. Mark Taliancich – Happy Raptor
  9. Harley Norwood – Dented Brick Distillery
  10. Robin Robinson – The Complete Whiskey Course
  11. Steve Corman – Venas Fizz House
  12. Michael Clancy – Lough Ree Distillery
  13. Jason Monkarsh – OM Spirits
  14. Charley McPherson – Miracle One Wine Company
  15. Dave Karraker – Raptor Communications
  16. Jacob Branscome – Whiting Turner

Recent Participants Include:

How They Work

These are monthly moderated zoom gatherings open to all industry participants who have joined the Victory Experience Network and have registered for the next roundtable.

If registered, industry participants will receive an email with the meeting join information, as well as a calendar reminder and a reminder phone call a few days prior.

Each roundtable will lead off with a specific topic, but the discussions are directed by participants, and the objective is for each participant to have the opportunity to share information or ask questions of other participants.

Industry roundtables are moderated, recorded and highlighted in  DRINKS TANK videos and podcast episodes that are shared online and across the network.  A follow-up email with the contacts of all participants is also sent.

There is no cost for individuals to participate. There are opportunities for companies and organizations as network partners to suggest lead off topics and invite their industry customers and prospects to these roundtables.


Founding Members

We’re curating groups beginning in February, for the mastermind groups that begin in March.  For each group, we are offering founding member companies the opportunity to champion meetings, help set the agenda and topics for special guest presentations and case studies.



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