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The difference between victory and defeat is a great team

Services & Solutions

Advisory with Actions

Providing experienced advisory and fractional services to help you solve your business challenges, maximize growth and profitability,  identify new market opportunities, or simply to get things done!

  Available on a project basis for just the help you need when you need it.   

Brand Engagement

From fully crafted brand creative to managed digital marketing to drive direct to consumer sales.  We have developed and managed online, social, mobile and video campaigns with measurable results for more than a decade.  From brands to retail locations to persuasive policy and legislative actions. We are constantly learning, innovating and partnering to accelerate growth.

Sourcing and Financing

Our producer clients and partners enable us  maintain our spirits marketplace to provide brands and smaller producers the highest quality bulk spirits at the most competitive prices.  Our investor programs also offer barrel-aged whiskey financing options to help brands and producers preserve capital while ensuring their future supply.

Next Gen Networking

Our focus on growing relationships that are good for our business, also provides independent experienced industry professionals platforms to grow their business. by joining our Victory Spirits Experience Network or participating in upcoming DRINKS Professionals Networking groups.



  • Start-up Ideation and Creation
  • Brand Strategy and Reposition
  • Change agents
  • Pivot Market Opportunity Analysis
  • Business Plan Refresh
  • Pricing and Profitability Modeling
  • Bulk Spirit Sourcing and Financing
  • Project Management/Supply Chain
  • Proof of Concept-Brand Pull and Target Customer Validation.


  • Brand Story Enhancement
  • Creative Services
  • Content Management
  • Digital and Omni Media Activation Campaigns
  • Proximity customer reach and engagement
  • Brand Influencer programs
  • Video training and stakeholder messaging
  • Virtual tastings, video training, and POD education.
  • Experiential Marketing and Event Concepts

Let's Discuss How We Can Help Your Brand

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“VSB brings a great deal of experience and business knowledge when it comes to the beverage alcohol industry…a very detailed approach that delivers the sales results needed along with the profitability while remaining fiscally responsible.”

Henry Stow

National Sales Manager, Fat Tuesday

“The Victory Spirits team possesses many skills and these are supported with broad and deep experience in a variety of sales and marketing roles… proficient in developing brand strategy that aligns with the strategic imperatives of the organization and the brand itself and highly adept at creating and executing tactical plans to accomplish the objectives of the plan.“


Bob Ambrose

Chief Operating Officer, Maryknoll

“Myself and all of my colleagues… grew to be better at our positions because of Al Vrooman’s tutelage. We were spread out geographically with varied markets but when Al had his weekly conference calls we were able to learn something from one another. Al was able to take an idea and tweak it to work.”


Buz "Leon" Dabkowski

Liquor, Beer, Wine Specialist, Sales/Leadership/Trainer