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Since we initially began to emerge from the shutdowns and trauma of 2020, each new year has begun with new challenges. Shortages, Supply-chain disruption, market gyrations, wars, inflation, and further uncertainty.

As we begin this new year, it feels different.  Despite some seismic shifts in demand (can you spell RTD), supply, in most cases, has or will soon meet demand.  This is the case with new fill American whiskeys, resulting from investments in expanded distillation capacity and some settling down of barrel cost and availability challenges, especially for new or smaller buyers.

If such a thing exists, we’re seeing a return to “normal” appreciation of aged bulk spirits.  Right now, that is apparent in price reductions in some more mature American whiskeys (filled before cost increases, which means by early 2021). Although much increased over 2019-2020 costs, there are $50-$100 per barrel reductions over 2022-2023 pricing. 

You can see it in our latest January Victory Spirits Marketplace Bulk Spirits Inventory Listings.

The Spirits Market in the US continued to grow in 2023, according to Shanken News.  Albeit with some category shifts worth noting.

In Just Drinks interviews, the industry leader consensus is optimism as inflation cools and major disruptions like EU tariffs are in the rearview mirror for now.