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Imagine a global marketplace connecting distillers, buyers, brands, brokers, and investors in the spirits industry.  
An exchange where distillers, brokers, and those who have invested in casks of whiskey, tequila, rum, and other aged spirits can list their aged inventory (as well as new fill capacity).
A one-stop platform for global buyers to see what is available.

With a proprietary artificial intelligence (“AI”) driven pricing tool, to analyze an extensive array of market data and barrel-specific information to suggest optimal price ranges for aged whiskey and other barreled and bulk spirits.

This will be no easy task, but we are working closely with a group that has the resources and the fin-tech vision to see what is possible.

But this cannot succeed without a broad and deep coalition of industry partners. From distillers, brands, brokers and investment groups who control a massive amount of aging inventory. And of course, buyers on a global scale.

There is much work to be done, but it is coming and I invite you to be a part of this journey.

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