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Program Update

DRINKS TANK was originally announced as a bi-monthly program to begin in January. We have made a change to base the production and release of new episodes on highlights and key takeaways from monthly DRINKS PROFESSIONALS NETWORK industry roundtables that begin in March 2021.

Powered by the Victory Spirits Experience Network and Drinks Professionals Network monthly roundtables, these new monthly video and podcast episodes will provide a unique source for knowledge and access to the industry experience and innovative approaches the beverage business needs to pivot, accelerate, grow, and achieve victory.

DRINKS TANK.  Like SHARK TANK, but nicer and providing more meaningful insights and help for the beverage industry adapting to a new era in business.

VSD Partners and Experience Network members share ideas and insights in these video conversations about what’s working, what’s not.

New Episodes released every month on participating partner and industry Facebook and the @boomzoomnet YouTube Channel, and as an audio edition on podcast networks.